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Code of Conduct

At Beach Lacrosse Club, we strive to promote a positive and safe environment for all participants. Our players should "Play the Game for the Game's sake" by demonstrating positive behavior and respect on and off the field. Players, parents, and coaches should be generous when winning and gracious when losing. Be fair always, no matter what the cost. Obey and respect the rules of the Game and work for the good of your team. 

We expect all Beach Lacrosse players to adhere to the following code of conduct:


Code of Conduct for Players:

  1. Respect: As a Beach Lacrosse player, I will treat others with respect and dignity. I will respect my coaches by accepting direction, and I will respect the officials by honoring their decisions with grace. I will fully respect the rules, the opponents, and my teammates. Any form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated by Beach Lacrosse.
  2. Responsibility: As a Beach Lacrosse player, I will be responsible for my own behavior. I will take responsibility for my actions and respect the decisions made by my coaches and officials. I will play fair, display good sportsmanship and work hard in practice and games.
  3. Safety: As a Beach Lacrosse player, I prioritize safety above all else. I will adhere to safety guidelines set forth by the club and follow the instructions of coaches and officials at all times. Any concern for my safety may result in a lack of playing time.
  4. Positive Attitude: As a Beach Lacrosse player, I will have a positive attitude. I will focus on the enjoyment of the Game, building friendships, and focusing on personal growth on and off the field. Above all, I will always be kind and courteous to my teammates and coaches.
  5. Commitment: As a Beach Lacrosse player, I will honor my commitment to the team. I will attend practices, games, and events on time and ready to participate. I will value fair play and sportsmanship. I will strive to compete to the best of my ability while following the rules of the Game. Cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, and disrespect towards teammates, coaches, opponents, or officials are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Code of Conduct for Parents:

Beach Lacrosse is a volunteer-staffed organization that offers a unique lacrosse experience that blends a competitive yet recreational league for our local community. The primary goal of Beach Lacrosse is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment in which our children can develop skills as well as experience the positive benefits of team play. The role of the parent is critical to the success of Beach Lacrosse; therefore, it is essential that you review and understand the guidelines set forth below:


  1. Respect: As a Beach Lacrosse parent, I will conduct myself in a manner that honors the Game and demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators, and fans. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and treat everyone fairly and with respect. I will respect the importance of the contributions of volunteer coaches and the Board of Directors (BOD). I will let the coach control the Game and will not yell instructions to my child from the sidelines. I will be a positive role model for my child and show emotional maturity by controlling my anger and never using obscene language or gestures. I will offer a positive attitude toward the Game and all its participants. 
  2. Responsibility: As a Beach Lacrosse parent, I will keep in mind that Beach is a recreational sports program with an emphasis on developing skills and having fun. Although the league is competitive in nature, I will not make winning the primary goal for my child. I will not pressure my child to participate, and I will help my child develop internal motivation and love of the Game. I will be punctual and reliable and notify the coach if my child is absent or late to a practice or Game. 
  3. Support: As a Beach Lacrosse parent, I agree to fully support my child and fulfill my volunteer obligation willingly. I acknowledge that my effort will directly impact my child's Beach Lacrosse experience. I will volunteer time and resources when possible to support the team. This includes helping with field set up, providing snacks or drinks for the team, or assisting with fundraising efforts and volunteer duties. I will also work to educate myself and my child about the Game so that my child can get the best exposure to the sport. I will emphasize fair play and sportsmanship.
  4. Safety: As a Beach Lacrosse parent, I prioritize safety above all else. I will adhere to safety guidelines set forth by the club and follow the instructions of coaches and officials at all times. I acknowledge that any concern for my child's safety may decrease playing time.
  5. Communication/24-Hour Rule: As a Beach Lacrosse parent, I will honor the "24-Hour Rule" before talking to my child's coach regarding any problem/issues with their participation in Beach Lacrosse. This means I will refrain from communicating my concerns regarding practices, playing time, etc., to my child's coach for at least 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, I feel compelled to discuss an issue with my child's coach, I will make this conversation private. I will not initiate this conversation on the field at practice or during a game. 

Note: Abusive, confrontational, and/or aggressive contact with our coaches will not be tolerated under any circumstance and may subject the individual to disciplinary action, including expulsion from Beach Lacrosse. If, after discussing any issue with your child's coach, you do not get a sufficient resolution to your problem, please get in touch with a member of the Board of Directors.


Player & Parent Acknowledgment: Playing Time Rules

Beach Lacrosse coaches will do their best to play kids evenly throughout a season, but this does not necessarily mean equal playing time at each and every game. Sometimes Beach teams may be better than our opponents, and sometimes we might be physically overmatched from the start. In both cases, coaches will use their discretion to keep the game safe for all participants. Coaches will treat the players from both teams with respect and fairness, allowing our players to develop in a safe and fun environment. This is never an easy job, but Beach Lacrosse coaches have the full support from the Board of Directors in reaching this goal.

The standard for playing time are as follows: 

  1. Non-Competitive Levels (Scoopers, 8U, 10U):  During regular season games, the goal of the non-competitive level is to give each team member equal playing time when possible. Coaches will divide playing time as equally as possible; however, performance and safety are a factor.
  2. Competitive level (12U & 14U): Equal playing time is not guaranteed in the competitive level. The amount of time a player receives in games will be the direct result of their performance and commitment at practice. The goal of the competitive level is to give each team member as much playing time as possible, however; specific play time in individual games may not be equitable for every player based on safety and competitiveness concerns.


Team & Divisions:

Coaches, players, and parents will abide by the Eastern Shore Youth Lacrosse Association (ESYLA) rules regarding the division of teams within individual age brackets. Coaches and players will also abide by the age requirements of each division. No players will be allowed to play above their age bracket without prior Board approval. No player is allowed to play below their age bracket for any reason. Players may not request to be on a particular team for any reason.


Enforcement of Code of Conduct:

Any complaints concerning a player, parent, or coach who has violated this Code of Conduct shall be brought to the Board of Directors' attention. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and penalties may occur at the discretion of the BOD, whose decision will be final. Parents, players, and coaches may be placed on probation or suspended from Beach Lacrosse activities for violation of this code. Any parent suspended from Beach Lacrosse activities for violation of the code will receive a letter from the Beach Lacrosse BOD. After a reasonable period of time, not less than one week, that individual may apply to the Board to be reinstated and allowed to participate in Beach Lacrosse activities. 

Any coach or parent ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the following two events and may be subject to additional penalties. Any coach or parent who physically or verbally abuses another person will be suspended for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from any subsequent Beach Lacrosse participation. 


I have read and understand the above Code of Conduct and agree to follow its guidelines at all league activities. I understand that if I do not follow this Code of Conduct, I may be asked to leave the league activity (such as a game or practice) and may be asked to withdraw my child from the league.


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